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Copper and brass Corrosion Inibition

Corrsave® 100 Technology

Environmentally friendly newly developed active Corrosion Inhibitor and its product range.

For active corrosion inhibition there only where two choices: Low corrosion rates with high Phosphate content or high corrosion rates with low phosphate content. 

Corrsave® exactly has been developed to fill this Gap: Low corrosion rates with low Phosphate content. 

Depending on the chosen treatment approach the absolute level may vary, however, with its product range Corrsave® 100 technology can reduce P intake for all organic treatment concepts as well as for traditional Phosphate based treatments. 

Corrsave® 100 technology combines already two aspects inherently biodegradable and reducing significantly the Phosphate (or Zinc) demand, but is providing active corrosion and pitting inhibition.

Within this respect specialized products with Corrsave® 100 technology product range has been set up to cover different requirements:

  • Aktiphos CS 4170 is the product of choice for treatment without pH control (so called all organic treatment). Approved by NSF White Book G5 (NSF Whit Book G5* – Acceptable for treatment of cooling and retort water -G5- in and around food processing areas)
  • Aktiphos CS 4180 the Corrsave® 100 technology for soft water systems.
  • Aktiphos CS 4060 completes the range with active anodic and cathodic corrosion protection for very corrosive waters.

Turbodispin D – Polymers

To be able to have polymers especially designed to meet water treatment needs, Kurita uses its own developed polymers rather than commonly available multi use polymers.

This enables Kurita to set up products with exactly tailored polymers for local water quality.


Effective treatment programmes by determination of biofilm and scale deposits online with HydroBio® Technology

Kurita offers competent tools to monitor the active substances and the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your systems so you can be sure that the expected treatment effect is achieved.

HydroBio® Advance:

To achieve a clean system and its smooth operation, efficient biofilm monitoring is the key parameter and for this, a sensitive system for biofilm monitoring is necessary.

  • Real-time results 
  • Continuous and reliable measurement
  • Easy interpretation of the results
  • Proactive decision making
  • Use the right amount of products at the  right time
  • Robust and easy to handle

For more information click here: HydroBio® Advance.

HydroBio® ASC

A new and innovative method to determine biofilm and scale in water systems online.

Benefits of HydroBio® ASC include:

  • Just in time treatment control
  • Online fouling & scaling monitoring
  • Chemical treatment optimization
  • Cost saving by avoiding overdosage
  • Smooth plant operation

Fouling Removal Effect FReE

A further most important step for smooth trouble-free system operation is the cleanliness of the system.

Like in daily life, dust and contamination can occur occasionally, of course, everybody tries to avoid as much as possible. However, sometimes it is not. Dust and other materials can easily enter through the cooling air. Therefore, it is important to clean the system regularly to FReE it from fouling and other contaminations.

Also, Kurita’s FReE technology adapts to various situations. 

The basis treatment is the combined fouling removal and azole free Copper Inhibitor Turbodispin 4363. It can be used alone (for organic removal) in combination with any other Kurita water treatment program.

If Turbodispin 4363 is combined with Kurita’s own range of Turbodispin D -Polymers a system online cleaning can be performed suitable to remove organic and inorganic deposits that have accumulated in the system.

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Non-Azole Copper and yellow Metals Inhibition

Cu and Cu based alloys are essential and widely used construction materials in cooling systems. Starting from small sensors, valves, and connectors up to the big condensers (heat exchangers) in the Power Industry, Copper transfers heat efficiently and simply, and is an easy to use construction material being widely used in cooling systems.

Unfortunately, Cu and brass cannot be protected by standard anodic/cathodic corrosion inhibitors, and even worse if it remains unprotected some small Cu ions can dissolve and might plate out at the less noble carbon steel piping’s causing pitting corrosion and costly shutdowns due to failures.

Therefore, Copper Inhibition is an essential part of any Cooling Water treatment. For many decades Triazols have been the material of choice. Recent investigations have resulted in some Triazols becoming CMR substances and even the others, not being CMR, are quite persistent in the environment.

Searching for a new generation of Copper Corrosion Inhibitors is a quite difficult task and R&D departments in many companies are working on this task.

Turbodispin® 4363 is an azole free copper inhibitor for application in cooling water systems. It combines:

  • High-performance corrosion protection on copper
  • Readily biodegradable product properties.

Being based on Kurita’s strong experience in film forming technology Turbodispin 4363 was designed to form an anticorrosive film on the water side of the condenser or heat exchanger tubes. This film effectively prevents the common corrosion problems encountered on copper-based heat exchanger/condenser tubes.

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